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Aluminium Railling Style Configurations

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    Aluminium Railling Style Configurations

    • Simple structure and light material
    • High strength, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance
    • Simple and beautiful appearance
    • Green, healthy, and environmentally friendly


    CLEARVIEW Preponderance

    The aluminum alloy railing is made of 6063-T5 aluminum extrusion, which is made by the new classical buckle combination technology after extrusion, aging, melting, high-temperature electrostatic spraying. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not need welding, wire connection, and corner code connection, and its nodes are tight and seamless, safe and reliable, and it is rich in good quality such as beautiful fashion, no rust, and green environmental protection, and long service life. Color aluminum fence is the crystallization of a great revolution in my country’s fence industry. It not only meets the needs of the development of the times, but also responds to the strategic policy of low carbon consumption, energy-saving, and environmental protection. In people’s lives, it will become an ideal product that is indispensable for safety enclosure and decorative isolation. In the construction of a civilized city, it will become a beautiful landscape. In the construction of the real estate industry, it will become a new measure, new concept, and new image for industrial development.

    Design Standards for Indoor and Outdoor Platforms, Stairs,and Ramp Railing

    1.1 The height of the platform guardrail (the upper plane of the handrail is above the ground): 900mm-1200mm;
    1.2 The vertical spacing of guardrail posts≦1200mm, the vertical spacing of glass guardrail posts≦1000mm;
    1.3. The vertical spacing of guardrail poles≦110mm;
    1.4 The balance between the handrail and the upper crossbar is less than or equal to 110mm, and the balance between the lower crossbar and the ground is less than or equal to 110mm;
    1.5 Requirements for pipe wall: handrails, uprights≧1.4mm; crossbars≧1.2mm; uprights≧1.0mm;
    1.6 Profile finish: Adopt Akzo outdoor powder high-temperature electrostatic powder spraying or oxidation electrophoresis coloring production process, the color is designed according to the project;
    1.7 Production process: the use of classical buckle quick combination production process, without welding, wire connection, and corner code connection;
    1.8 Technical requirements for glass guardrail: use toughened laminated safety glass with a thickness of 12mm and an embedding depth of 12mm. The four sides of the glass are inlaid with EPDM rubber strips;
    1.9 Construction and installation technical requirements: the handrails and the wall elevation are fixed with aluminum die-casting inner expansion bolts, and the column and the ground are fixed with aluminum connecting parts inner expansion bolts.
    1.10 The overall uniform load of the guardrail is ≧1000N/m;

    Adaptation scope: suitable for indoor and outdoor stairs, balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, automatic elevator openings, glass curtain wall guardrails and platforms, corridors, atrium race corridors, bridges, traffic road isolation, lakesides, riverbanks, and upper roofs of civil and industrial buildings Guardrail, etc.

    Why the aluminum balcony railing can quickly gain a foothold in the market?

    Because it can be made into numerous styles, no matter a simple design or a retro style, and it can also be made into a trend frontline style. In order to let everyone know more about aluminum balcony railings, here we share our experiences about the six advantages of aluminum balcony railings.

    • Simple structure and light material

    The product has a disassembly and assembly structure, no welding, and no screws on the surface. Compact connection, no looseness, convenient transportation, and installation. The weight of aluminum is one-third of that of iron, steel, and copper. The product is light, easy to process, and economical in transportation.

    • High strength, good flexibility, good corrosion resistance

    Compared with other traditional raw materials, the hardness of aluminum can withstand greater tensile and impact forces, and at the same time has better flexibility. At the same time, extreme oxidation and other surface treatments are applied to the surface of the aluminum alloy balcony guardrail to make the product have high corrosion resistance.

    • Simple and beautiful appearance

    The surface of the aluminum material has been anodized according to industry standards, and any appearance effect can be obtained after natural metallic luster or after frosting and electrophoresis treatment. The personalized color selection allows the balcony guardrail to be freely matched according to your requirements to meet your individual needs and the environment.

    •  Green, healthy, and environmentally friendly

    Today, when environmental problems are becoming more and more serious, Clearview’s balcony guardrail adopts materials of national standards and environmental protection standards to create a safe and healthy living space for you.

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