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Curved Staircase

Curved Staircase


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    Curved Staircase


    Curved staircase design size:

    • The width of the curved staircase is generally about 900mm, and the platform must be set up if it is greater than 18 steps.
    • The height of the steps is generally about 170mm, and the width of the steps is about 300mm.
    • The vertical distance from the stair section to the top surface should be greater than 2.2m, from the platform to the top surface.
    • The vertical distance should be greater than 2.0m.


    What is a curved staircase?

    The curved staircase is the abbreviation of the curved staircase. It has a powerful traffic capacity and a beautiful staircase shape. More importantly, it takes up the largest space among many staircases. Therefore, curved staircases generally appear in luxury houses. among.
    In the decoration of curved stairs, space below is the most difficult to deal with due to the large space resources occupied, and no functional design can be done, only the surface decoration design can be done.

    Of course, the size of the curved staircase is also required. For example, the width of the staircase used in a luxury villa is about 900 mm, and if the steps are greater than 18 steps, a platform must be installed. The height of the step is about 170 mm and the width is 300 mm. The vertical distance from the stairs to the top surface should be more than 2.2 meters, and the platform to the top should be more than 2 meters.

    How to construct a curved staircase

    The circular arc spiral staircase can be used as a condition for evacuation stairs. The plane angle formed by the upper and lower levels must not exceed 10o, and the step width at 25cm from the handrail of each level exceeds 22cm, this restriction is not required.

    This is the minimum allowable technical standard formulated from the requirements for safe evacuation and reduction of walking fatigue strength. We know that the characteristics of the fan step are narrow at one end and wide at the other. The step width of each step above the walking line 25cm from the handrail exceeds 22cm, which refers to the handrail at the narrow end of the fan step. Here the plane angle does not exceed 10o is to make the walking change direction smoother and reduce people’s dizziness. The step width of 22cm allows the focus of walking to be on the step, ensuring the safety of evacuation. In the slope design of the arc spiral staircase, the stepping level angle of the main staircase is usually less than 10o. The commonly used method is to use an inner circle radius of more than 1200mm and step width of 25cm or more at the walking line. At the same time, the step height is also higher than that of ordinary stairs. The step height is 1~3cm lower. This can make the steps of the upper and lower circular arc spiral stairs gentle and comfortable.

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