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Wood Curved Staircase Configurations

Curved Staircase


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    Wood Curved Staircase Configurations


    • Shape: spiral, arc shape,or custom made.

    • Overall height: custom made, minimum 700mm.

    • Floor to floor height:  custom made.

    • Stair stringer: customized according to the floor to floor height, 300*12mm carbon steel.

    • Tread: sus304,sus316 satin/mirror finish.

    • Balustrade glass: 10+1.52+10mm/12+1.52+10+1.52+10mm laminated glass.

    • Balustrade handrail: 10 or 12mm thick tempered glass.



    Design skills of the curved staircase

    With the improvement of people’s quality of life, villas have become the first choice for everyone to buy houses. Not only because of the atmospheric and beautiful appearance of the villas, but also the living environment separated from dynamics and statics is popular with everyone. Let’s take the curved staircase as an example to show you how to design a personalized curved staircase and the size of the staircase.

    How to use the house space?

    The first is to make full use of the staircase space to display the staircase under the premise that the function of the staircase is satisfied. The functions of the stairs generally include upper and lower passages, space division, space decoration, etc.

    When designing the stairs, the main consideration is to consider the upper and lower passages. Under the premise of meeting the size of the curved staircase, try to make the stairs more decorative and compatible with the surrounding walls or various functional spaces. Organic combination; in some relatively closed stair spaces, the stairs affect the airflow, and the design requirements for the size of the curved stairs are higher.

    What’s the step height of the curved staircase?

    1. The slope of the stair-step is generally about 30, the most comfortable. The slope of outdoor stairs is generally flat.
    2. The tread width of the stairs should not be less than 24cm, generally 28cm comfortable. The height of the vertical board should not be higher than 20cm, and it is generally comfortable at 18cm. Moreover, the width of each pedal and the height of the standing board should be the same, otherwise, it is easy to cause people to fall.
    3. The step length of the stairs is generally 90cm, which saves space and makes walking comfortable.
    4. The height of the handrail of the stairs (measured from the front edge of the step) should not be less than 0.90m. The height of the handrail of the outdoor stairs should not be less than 1.05m.
    5. When the width of the stairwell is greater than 0.20m, the clearance of the vertical members of the handrail should not be greater than 0.11m to prevent children from falling.
    6. The net width of the stair landing shall not be less than the width of the stairs, and shall not be less than 1.10m at the same time.
    7. The width of the stairs is clearly stipulated in the residential design code. In other buildings, it must meet the requirements of a fire evacuation. The width of expressive stairs in public buildings is usually too large, but the relationship between the setting of handrails and the width of the stairs should be paid attention to.

    How to install the curved staircase?

    Installation of vertical slabs of stair steps→reinforcement of arc wall formwork→installation of concrete walls, stair concrete, and plane slabs of stair steps.

    Install the arc-shaped window template, and connect it to the outer mold of the arc wall tightly, and paste the sponge strip to prevent the concrete from leaking so that the excess concrete can be knocked out.

    Internal and external scaffolding→arc wall outer formwork installation→arc wall reinforcement binding→arc wall inner form installation at the bottom of the curved stair slab→stair slab installation→stair reinforcement binding→stair slab upper arc wall inner form installation.

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