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Floating Wood Glass Staircase

Floating Staircase


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    Floating Wood Glass Staircase

    • Generally suitable for indoor use,Reduce the building materials
    • Increase the space,There is no keel support under the tread
    • Safety distance,Children safety hazards


     Advantages of floating stairs

    In recent years, among the decoration elements of decoration, suspended stairs have appeared frequently, which is different from the traditional stairs. Because it is suspended in the air, it also attracts the attention of many consumers, making it frequently appear in modern home decoration.

    The suspended staircase actually simplifies the staircase, with only steps. Generally speaking, this type of staircase is suitable for indoor use. After all, safety must be considered. Generally, wooden materials are used, and the treads of the stairs can be made into a round shape because such stairs will not be scratched when stepping on them. And from the top down, the overall decoration effect will be very beautiful.

    Some will choose rock pedals, which give people the feeling of being close to nature, simple and generous.

    If you choose a suspended staircase, it is more suitable for a small-sized family. Because there is no handrail, the space of the whole home is larger and the sense of space is also very sufficient. If combined with some lighting design, the overall decorative effect will be more enhanced and very advanced.

    Precautions for indoor staircase installation

    1. The beginning of the installation
      The role of indoor stairs cannot be underestimated, so before installing indoor stairs, you must first measure the size of the stairs. The required size is not good. After installation, it will be very troublesome to refurbish, and the stairs installed in this way are very unsightly.
    2. Renovation
      If you are just a simple update of the stairs, you can consider these methods: you can remove the closet of the stairs, which can bring more space; you can also replace the solid steel pipe with a glass structure so that the light can penetrate into space below; Replace the solid armrests, and the glass can create a feeling of lightness and allow the light to flow more naturally.
    3.  Structural design
      For the structural design, if it is installed in a small apartment, it is best to choose the position against the wall, which can be L-shaped and U-shaped stairs. This design is more beautiful, and the space under the stairs can be used well; while the curved stairs Compared with large houses, they take up a lot of space, but the lines are beautiful and they are not as rushed as a spiral staircase.
    4. The material of the stairs
      The material of the stairs is best to choose wood, which looks more generous, beautiful, and warm. If it is a metal staircase, it will feel very cold in winter, and sometimes it does not match the home decoration style; if it is a glass staircase, it will be visually transparent and light, but the glass staircase is more expensive because Need to choose toughened glass with good load-bearing capacity.

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