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Modern Shutters Louver

Shutters Window


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    Modern Shutters Louver

    $2920 - 3522
    • Structure is stronger and more stable
    • It has the advantages of controlling the light
    • Improving the privacy of the room, decorating
    • Protecting against bad weather


    Shutter window structure

    According to different shapes and usages, the structure of the shutter window is also different. Generally, it consists of the outer frame, jamb, louver, top rail, and bottom rail, ties rod, T-pillar, hinge, and other hardware components. If it is a sliding door, it also has rails and related accessories.

    Category of shutters

    Sort by material: solid wood shutters, plastic shutters, aluminum alloy shutters, etc.
    Sort by the shape and structure: rectangular (conventional type), upper arch, round/semi-circular, bay type, peacock-opening type, sliding door, French door, etc.

    Shutter window history

    Shutter windows originated from the European royal family. At that time, there were no glass windows in the royal palaces. The solid wood shutter windows were installed in the lower half of the windows to fill the house with fresh air and precious sunlight.

    In the late 17th century, double-layer windows became popular. At this time, shutter windows were widely used in noble home decorations. They were installed as a whole inside the window frames. While ventilating, they paid more attention to the overall decorative effect of the room. At this stage, with the influx of large numbers of European immigrants into North America, shutter windows were also brought into the American continent. In the Victorian period, with the appearance of more wooden houses, the practicality and decoration of shutter windows became more and more popular.

    In the late 19th century, shutter windows were widely used in Europe, America, and Australia. In southern Europe, almost all windows of buildings are equipped with shutter windows. Because of the hot climate, people are used to closing the shutter windows during lunch break to block the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. At other times, they can adjust the blades for ventilation, so in Europe, shutter windows are not only used to decorate buildings but the characteristics of the style. Today in the 21st century, shutter windows can be seen everywhere in urban houses, rural farms, and aristocratic gardens, accompanying more and more people to enjoy nature and experience life.

    Shutter window buying skills

    1.  Whether the gap between the profile and the accessories is tight and whether its operation force is smooth. Shutter windows with poor quality and design often have loud noises when the window sashes operating.
    2. Whether to use safe solid pneumatic steel rivets. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use ordinary steel rivets, which will cause frameless shutter windows to loosen or even fall off over time.

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