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Custom Made Wooden Staircase

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    Custom Made Wooden Staircase

    • Unique texture and elegant temperament
    • Made of solid wood
    • As cold and beautiful as steel and glass stairs.
    • Elegance and beauty
    • Simple natural gas quality
    • Enjoyment, comfortable
    • Warm in winter and cool in summer


    With its unique texture and elegant temperament, the solid wood staircase is displayed in the required position on the furniture decoration list. The solid wood stairs are made of solid wood, which is not as cold and beautiful as steel and glass stairs. It exudes a kind of elegance and beauty, but it contains simple natural gas quality. The solid wood material can take care of the occupants’ sensory enjoyment, feel comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, giving people a sense of harmony.

    What are the advantages of solid wood stairs?

    1.) The raw materials are environmentally friendly, and the solid wood stairs are made of wood as the basis for making the stairs. Therefore, the choice of wood requires a certain experience. The wood that is easy to make is more environmentally friendly, the raw materials are easy to decompose, and the structure is simple and easy to make.
    2.) Diversity production
    The wood is easy to process and the production model is simple, but there are many patterns and paint colors. Therefore, the product has a strong customer complaint, which can conform to multiple product attributes and can be matched with different types of furniture to form different types of styles.
    3.) Good visual effect
    Because wood can absorb ultraviolet rays in the sun, it reduces the harm of ultraviolet rays. At the same time, wood can reflect infrared rays, which makes the solid wood stairs can bring harmony and comfort of light and vision.
    4.) Comfortable to the touch
    The material feels a bit like a jade product. It will not be too cold in winter, and it will feel warmer to the touch. In summer, it will not be as hot as an iron staircase after being exposed to the sun. There is no static electricity, and the product performance is good.

    Maintenance method of wooden staircase handrail column

    In the usual maintenance, the stair handrails should be wiped with a wet towel and then wiped with a dry towel. Do not wash with a lot of water to prevent excessive moisture penetration and corrosion of the exterior of the stairs. It can also be sprayed on the surface with a cleaning agent and then wiped with a soft cloth instead of frequent wiping.
    Keep the stairs dry and free from dampness. In addition, you can sprinkle some desiccant on the concealed position of the stairs. When carrying items upstairs, pay attention to prevent the surface of the hardware objects from scratching the surface of the stairs. Try to ensure that you wear fast shoes and walk up the stairs. Deliberately step on the edges and corners of the stairs to prevent wear and tear. After the stairs are installed, check the overall installation status, try to remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or a wrung cloth, and do not rinse with water. This reduces the workload to a certain extent and also promotes the development of the solid-wood industry.

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