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Wrought Iron Railling



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    Wrought Iron Railling

    • Iron railing
    • High smoothness
    • Strong plasticity
    • Sturdiness and durability
    • Various styles
    • Unique metal “cold” texture


    Wrought Iron Railing

    Compared with wood products, the degree of personalization and plasticity of iron fences are slightly better. Generally speaking, solid wood cannot make some special shapes, and the price of solid wood products is very high whether it is material or labor. The shape of the iron fence can be adjusted according to the owner’s preference and the needs of the shape. The color of the iron fence can be adjusted according to the style It needs to be deployed at will, which is also one of its major advantages.

    How to maintain wrought iron railing

    1. Wrought iron furniture should not be left unused for a long time, as it will get dusty for a long time, which will easily make it rusty.
    2.  Wrought iron furniture should avoid knocks to prevent the paint layer from shelling and the chrome layer to fall off, and it is not allowed to hit the furniture with hard objects, otherwise, the paint will be peeled off at the light, and it will collapse and leave scars. Affect the overall appearance.
    3. Chrome-plated iron furniture is most afraid of gas and oil smoke. Therefore, iron furniture cannot be placed near gas stoves and coal stoves to prevent gas and oil smoke from corroding the chrome plating.
    4. In order to prevent the chrome-plated layer of iron furniture from rusting, you can often wipe the chrome-plated part with gauze dipped in a little anti-rust oil or sewing machine oil. In this way, you can keep the iron furniture as bright as new. Once rust appears on the chrome-plated layer of iron furniture, it should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the rust from expanding.
    5. Wrought iron furniture should regularly remove the dust on the surface. It is best to choose a cloth made of pure cotton fabric, dipped in a mild detergent, and wipe gently. For the dust in the depression, use a soft wool brush to brush it off along the gap. Place the furniture in a place where other hard objects are not frequently encountered, try to avoid the impact of external force, let alone hit with hard objects, which will cause the metal anti-paint layer to shell and the chrome layer to fall off.
    6. Try to avoid splashing acid-base syrups (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar, methyl alkali, soapy water, soda water, etc.) that are corrosive to iron. If you accidentally stain them, clean up the dirt immediately and use a dry cotton cloth. wipe.


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